Veröffentlicht am 29. Oktober 2015

„European Union Prize for Literature“,
der einzige Preis, der die besten aufstrebenden literarischen Stimmen aus ganz Europa auszeichnet.
Die vorgetragenen Texte der einzelnen Autoren aus 12 Ländern können sie auf der Webseite nachlesen (Link siehe Bemerkungsfeld).
Mit Textauszügen in englisch von: Carolina Schutti • Luka Bekavac • Gaëlle Josse • Edina Szvoren
Donal Ryan • Lorenzo Amurri • Undinė Radzevičiūtė • Ida Hegazi Høyer
Magdalena Parys • David Machado • Svetlana Žuchová • Sara Stridsberg
Es gab auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse auch eine Fotoausstellung die den diesjährigen Gewinnern des „European Union Prize for Literature“ (EUPL) gewidmet war. Susanna Bummel-Vohland berichtet von dieser Veranstaltung.
Writing, publishing, translating and reading books is fundamental. Not only for communicating,
but also for sharing our values and our cultures, our stories and our history as Europeans. This
act of community building through literature and reading is all the more important in today’s
society, where dialogue and interaction are crucial for allowing us to learn from each other and
to develop mutual understanding and respect – as recent events have tragically underlined.
I am therefore delighted to present this publication which celebrates reading and puts on
display the great diversity of European literature today.
This anthology of the 2015 edition of the European Union Prize for Literature showcases this
year’s twelve laureates and a selection of excerpts from their award winning books.
Since its creation in 2009, the European Union Prize for Literature has sought to stimulate the
widest possible circulation of new and high-quality literary works across Europe. It contributes
to promoting and safeguarding our cultural and linguistic diversity – a goal mapped out in the
European Union Treaty.
This involves supporting works of fiction from right across the European Union, which now
has 24 official languages, more than 60 regional and minority languages, and three alphabets.
Literary translation is therefore vital, which is why we support it through Creative Europe, the
European Union’s funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors.
From 2007 to 2013, under the previous Culture programme, EUR 17.5 million flowed into literary
translation. Over this period, the European Union contributed to the translation of more
than 3,200 books, involving the official languages of all the 37 countries participating in the
With Creative Europe, we will continue and expand this essential support. We should all be
proud of this continuing commitment to European literature. It allows us to facilitate access
to great writing across linguistic and cultural barriers, to help writers find new readers and to
introduce all of us to new and fascinating stories.
The European Commission, DG Education and Culture
The Consortium
The European and International Booksellers Federation
The European Writers’ Council
The Federation of European Publishers
The European Union Prize for Literature